Checking the system status

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The Sustem Monitor page provides a central management console for managing and monitoring status of devices that comprise the network storage system. For NAS modules, an external NAS Manager displays only applicable components in the System Monitor.
Navigate to Home > Status & Monitoring > System Monitor to display the System Monitor page.

Note: The System Monitor reflects a 60-second delay for status information cached by the NAS Manager.

When displaying a device's status using the colored indicator, the following conventions apply:

Color Status Description
Green Information Operating normally and not displaying an alert condition.
Amber Warning Needs attention, but does not necessarily represent an immediate threat to the operation of the system.
Red Critical Requires immediate attention. The failure is critically affecting the operation of the system.
Gray Unknown Status of the device cannot be determined; for example, if the server is out of contact with the NAS Manager, the server and the status of its components cannot be determined.