Providing an SSL certificate to the NAS Nodes

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Each HNAS node (whether part of a cluster or not) listens on port 8443 for SOAP-over-https requests from a REST server or NAS Manager. A certificate is used to secure port 8443. Additionally, if the embedded NAS Manager is installed and enabled, it will listen on port 443 using the same certificate.

You can use NAS console commands to restrict which versions of SSL/TLS and cipher suites may be used to comply with your IT security policies. To replace the default "self-signed" certificate with your own Certificate Authority (CA) signed certificate, either:

  • Generate a Certificate Signing Request, have your CA sign it and import the result


  • Import a CA-signed certificate with an externally generated private key, for example, an existing wildcard certificate covering your domain