Displaying TCP/IP statistics

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Navigate to Home > Status & Monitoring > TCP/IP Statistics to display the TCP/IP Statistics page.

Field/Item Description
Cluster Node When connected to a NAS server cluster or NAS module, this field indicates the node for which the statistics are displayed. To display statistics for another node, click the change button.
change Opens the Select a Cluster Node page in which you can select a different node for which to display statistics.
Last Reset The date and time the statistics on this page were reset. Click reset to reset the statistics to zero.
Last Refreshed The date and time this page was refreshed. The page automatically refreshes every 10 seconds.
TCP Connections Displays statistics about the TCP connections.
  • Currently Open is the number of currently open connections.
  • Maximum Open is the maximum number of connections opened at one time since the last reset.
  • Total Opened is the number of connections that have been opened since the last reset.
  • Failed Connections is the number of failed incoming and outgoing connections.
Packets Lists the number of transmitted, received, retransmitted, invalid, unknown ports, and unknown protocols since the last reset for:
  • TCP Packets
  • UDP Packets
  • ICMP Packets
  • ICMPv6 Packets
  • Other Packets
An IP packet is invalid when any of the following is invalid:
  • Header checksum
  • Length field (too long for the packet)
  • Source address
  • Destination address (this is the most common cause)