Displaying per port Fibre Channel statistics

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Navigate to Home > Storage Management > Fibre Channel Statistics (per port) to display statistics for each of the defined ports.

Field/Item Description
Cluster Nodes When connected to a cluster, this field indicates the node for which the statistics are displayed. To display statistics for another node, click the change button.
change Displays the Select a Cluster Node page in which you can select a different node for which to display statistics.
Last Reset Displays the date and time the statistics on this page were last reset. To reset the statistics to zero, click the reset button.
Last Refreshed Displays the date and time this page was refreshed. The page automatically refreshes every 10 seconds.
Receive Throughput Rate The receive rate in bytes/second for the Last, Peak, and Total throughput.
Transmit Throughput Rate The transmit rate in bytes/second for the Last, Peak, and Total throughput.
Total Errors Lists the number of errors logged on the Storage ports. The following types of errors are reported: Loss of Signal, Bad Receive Character, Loss of Sync, Link Fail, Receive EOFa, Discarded Frames, BAD CRCs, and Protocol Errors.
Congestion Displays congestion rates. Includes the Last, Peak (over the past 24 hours), and Average (over the past 24 hours) rates.