Displaying file system NVRAM statistics

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The File System NVRAM Statistics page displays NVRAM activity.
Note: When an EVS has a Read Cache file system, no NVRAM statistics are presented.
Navigate to Home > Storage Management > File System NVRAM Statistics.

Field/Item Description
Cluster Node When connected to a cluster, this field indicates the node for which NVRAM statistics are displayed. To display statistics for another node, click the change button.
change Displays the Select a Cluster Node page in which you can select a different node for which to display statistics.
Last Refreshed Displays the date and time this page was refreshed.
NVRAM size Size of NVRAM buffer, used to preserve data for disk-modifying operations until written to disk. The default is 2 GB.
Maximum used Maximum amount of the NVRAM buffer that has been used since the node was last started.
Currently in use Currently in use