If the throughput component is not enabled when the license is installed

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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If a Performance Accelerator license is installed, but the throughput component is not enabled, the most likely reason is that the eight-lane connection to the Tachyon Fibre Channel controller has not been successfully tested. For the eight-lane connection to be tested, the server must be completely rebooted, using a full system reboot, and there must be no stale data in NVRAM. If these conditions are met, then the full POST test should run on boot (assuming it has not previously passed).

If the full POST test has not previously passed, and if the test is still not running on boot, check that the license is installed, a full system reboot is being performed, and that there is no stale data in NVRAM. Stale data is cleared from NVRAM by unmounting file systems thoroughly, and using the nvpages list command to inspect for stale data.

If the full POST test is running and failing, it might indicate a fault in the server.

The following events are logged by Performance Accelerator:

Event Description
Performance Accelerator throughput enabled When Performance Accelerator throughput is enabled, when it was previously disabled.
Performance Accelerator throughput disabled When Performance Accelerator throughput was enabled but now is not.
Cannot enable Performance Accelerator throughput When Performance Accelerator is licensed, but POST was not able to run, or it failed to run.