Troubleshooting Performance Accelerator

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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At boot time, Performance Accelerator writes the following line to the server dblog:

Performance Accelerator: licensed 1, tptelc 1, mtds_passed 0, tpcurrent 0, tpprevious 0, dcmode unset

The following table defines the meaning of each field in the line:

Field Description
licensed 1 if Performance Accelerator is licensed, 0 otherwise.
tptelc 1 as long as the throughput component of Performance Accelerator is not disabled by the fci4 telc (see below), 0 otherwise.
mtds_passed 1 if full POST has run and passed, 0 otherwise.
tpcurrent 1 if licensed=1 and tptelc=1 and mtds_passed=1, 0 otherwise.
tpprevious The value of tpcurrent on the previous boot.
dcmode The value of the telc used to force dual code mode behavior. If "unset", the default behavior ("striped") is used, as long as Performance Accelerator is licensed.