Installing Performance Accelerator

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Performance Accelerator is enabled by installing its license.

Testing the Performance Accelerator installation

Performance Accelerator enables additional PCIe lanes in the VSLI to connect to the Tachyon Fiber Channel controller. If these lanes have not been previously tested, the server will perform a full power on self test (POST) to ensure that the lanes are working. If the POST test passes, then both components of Performance Accelerator are enabled when the server boots. If the POST test fails, then only the IOPS (dual cache controller) component of Performance Accelerator is enabled, and an error event is generated.

Note: A full POST test is only possible if there is no stale data in NVRAM left over from deleted file systems that had associated NVRAM content. Stale data is cleared from NVRAM by unmounting file systems thoroughly, and using the nvpages list command to inspect for stale data.