Adding FC switches

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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After adding an FC switch, the NAS Manager displays it in the System Monitor, with connectivity status. Because multiple servers or clusters might use the storage connected to an FC switch, it can be associated with multiple servers or clusters managed by a NAS Manager, thereby appearing in the System Monitor for all servers and cluster to which it has been associated.
  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > FC Switches, and click add to display the Add FC Switch page.

  2. Enter the requested information.
    Field/Item Description
    Associate Existing Switch with name (currently managed server) Select an existing switch to associate with the named server or cluster. When you associate a switch with a managed server or a cluster, the switch is added to the system monitor of that server/cluster.
    Monitor Switch Use the list to select the switch you want to associate with the named server/cluster.
    Add New Switch Select to add a new FC switch. After the switch has been added, you can associate it with a managed server or a cluster.
    Name The name you want to use to refer to the switch. This name should be sufficiently descriptive as to be able to identify the switch.
    Host Name/IP Address A fibre channel switch can be specified by IPv4 or IPv6 address, or by a host name. If an IPv6 address is specified, the SMU will only be able to monitor the switch if the SMU is configured with an IPv6 address. Additionally, if the switch is given by host name, and that host name resolves to an IPv6 address, monitoring will only be possible if an IPv6 DNS server is provided.
    Username Enter the user login name for the embedded management interface of the FC switch.
    Password Enter the password associated with the user name for the embedded management interface of the FC switch.
    Use http/https/Telnet/other on port... From the list, select the protocol and port for connecting with the embedded management interface of the FC switch. Defaults are http protocol and port 80. The port number must be in the range 1 - 65535.
    Note: If http, https, or Telnet, clicking the switch in the System Monitor displays the embedded management interface. If other, the FC Switch Details page is displayed instead of the management interface
  3. Verify your settings, and click OK to save, or cancel to decline.