Management information base (MIB)

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The SNMP agent maintains a Management Information Base (MIB) that is organized in a treelike structure, with each item of data having a unique object identifier (OID) that is written as a series of numbers separated by dots.

The storage server SNMP agent not only supports the MIB-II specification as described in RFC1213, but also provides an Enterprise MIB module, making management facilities available beyond those in the MIB-II specification. Download the Enterprise MIB module from the NAS Manager (Home > Server Settings > SNMP Access Configuration), or contact customer support for the latest Enterprise MIB module. The Enterprise MIB module is defined in two modules, BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB and BLUEARC-TITAN-MIB.

Note: The NAS server MIB provides information about its own hardware and software. The server MIB cannot provide information about other external hardware, including RAID controllers, physical disks, FC switches, and so on. Those devices provide their own MIBs to monitor such hardware.