Displaying and filtering the event log

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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  1. Navigate to Home > Status & Monitoring > Event Log to display the Event Log Management page.

  2. Click filter to open the Filter dialog.

    • In a cluster, specify the cluster node for which to display the log. In the Cluster Node field, you can select the specific node or All Cluster Nodes.
    • In the Event Category field, select the type of events to be included in the log: All events, System events, or Security events.

      System events are events that the system components have logged, such as the failure of a drive. Security events track changes to the security system and identify possible breaches of security.

    • You can specify an Event ID that you want included in the log.
    • You can specify an Event Description that you want included in the log.
    • Select the severity level of the events you want included in the log by selecting one or more of the check boxes: Information, Warning, or Severe. The Severe level includes any Critical events.
    • Click OK to filter the log events being displayed according to the filter criteria you specified.
  3. Click an event to display the cause and resolution.

  4. Click refresh cache to clear the SMU's cache, and then repopulate the cache with the relevant objects.
    Note that this is different than clicking the browser refresh button, which picks up any recent updates without clearing the cache.
  5. Click Download Log to download the log to your computer, then you can print or save to a text file.
    Click Clear Event Log to empty the log.