Daily status emails

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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A NAS Platform system is made up of multiple components. To get an accurate description of the overall status of the various components of the storage system, two daily status emails are generated:

  • Daily status email from the server. The server's daily status email contains logs of server performance and battery health, descriptive information regarding the health of the server and storage subsystem, and current space utilization by the file systems.

    This email is sent to all recipients in all mail profiles in which the Send a Daily Status Email at midnight option has been selected.

  • Daily status email from the SMU. The SMU's daily status email contains a list of the SMU's managed servers and their current firmware versions. It also contains the SMU's current software version. The SMU and server names are links that can be clicked to manage the specified server. The email also provides the ID, model, type (for example, single node or cluster node), and status information about servers.
  • SMU diagnostic emails. The SMU sends all configured email recipients a diagnostic email when any of the following events occur:
    • The server has unexpectedly rebooted.
    • If enabled, once per day at a specified time.

    These diagnostic emails contain details regarding the servers, storage, and FC switches managed by the SMU. The details in these diagnostic mails can be useful to Hitachi Vantara (should assistance be required).

    Enabling monthly call home emails is also a good practice. When enabled, the SMU sends a full set of server, SMU, and storage diagnostics to Hitachi Vantara once per month, on a randomly selected day. These monthly emails provide an archive of the complete configuration of the storage system, which can aid in the detection of problems, provide background diagnostic information and, if necessary, provide a known good configuration for restoration.

    Note: When the monthly diagnostic email is first enabled, an initial email is sent at midnight that night, allowing you to verify that the email configuration is set up correctly.