Configuring event notifications

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The server can be configured for automatic notification of selected users when particular types of system events occur. Once warned of an event, these users can run SMU to diagnose the problem remotely, with a direct connection or virtual private link to the network.

The event notification can take three forms:

  • An email message, which the system sends through an SMTP server.
  • An SNMP trap, to notify a central Network Management Station (NMS) of any events generated by the server; for example, HP OpenView.
  • A syslog alert enables you to send alerts from a server to a UNIX system log (the UNIX system must have its syslog daemon configured to receive remote syslog messages).
Note: With any form of event notification, best practice is to set a notification frequency of Immediately for the most serious alert type (Severe) and to send these alerts to at least two users.