Configuring critical events

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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There are three default levels of events logging (Information, Warning and Severe). However, it is possible to assign an event type to a level named 'Critical'. To map an event type to this level, use the event-log-filter command, using 'c' as the level specifier.

Any events which are mapped to 'Critical', appear:

  • On the Event Log page on the NAS Manager.
  • In the Windows Event Viewer as an 'error'.
  • In the event-log-show CLI command.

The event log filters are applied retrospectively. Any event which is mapped to 'Critical', appears as this type even if it was originally logged under another level.


To use alerts with critical events, use the CLI or NAS Manager to configure the Email, SNMP and Syslog alerts to trigger on Severe events. If alerts are configured to trigger for a Severe event, they also then trigger for a Critical event.

Note: This event level applies to the whole cluster.