Event logging and notification

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The server provides a comprehensive event logging and alert mechanism and auxiliary devices in the storage subsystem automatically direct any events and SNMP traps to the server (or can be configured to do so).

All event messages generated by the server (including those issued by its auxiliary devices) are logged into an event log, which can be downloaded and cleared by the system administrator. The event log provides a record of past events that have occurred on the server, for use in trend/fault analysis.

Event message severity can be changed, and messages can be suppressed entirely, using the event-log-filter command . Using event-log-filter, you can specify that a command is to be run whenever a specified message is logged. For more information on the event-log-filter command, enter man event-log-filter, or refer to the Command Line Reference.

The server can also be configured for automated notification according to predefined severity categories, including daily summary and status notification. With automated notification enabled, the system will notify selected personnel when an event is generated, based on the level of severity of the event. 24x7 automated notifications allow customer support personnel to proactively monitor the health of the system and address any issues that may arise.