Displaying the Performance Graphs page

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The Performance Graph page provides an overview of a single node’s performance status.
  1. Navigate to Home > Status & Monitoring > Performance Graphs to display the Performance Graphs page.

    Item Description
    Node List includes all nodes in the cluster. For a stand-alone server, only one node will appear in the list.

    By default, the graphs on this page display system performance data for the first cluster node of the cluster; however, you can select a specific node from the drop down list in order to view its unique performance data.

    At any time, to display the performance information for a node other than the one currently being displayed, select the node from the list.

    10m 1h 1d 1w 1m 3m 1y Click the corresponding link to display graphs for the last 10 minutes (10m), 1 hour (1h), 1 day (1d), 1 week (1w), 1 month (1m), 3 months (3m), or 1 year (1y).
    Custom Click to specify a custom date range, which includes the from and to dates and times. Click OK to initiate the graph.
    Performance Graphs The individual performance graphs on this page are links to pages that display a full-size version of that same graph. To display the page containing the full-sized graph, click the graph you want to display. The following graphs are displayed on this page:
    • Node Ops/Sec
    • Ethernet Throughput
    • System Load
    • Disk Latency
    • Storage Throughput
    • Cache and Heap Usage
    • NVRAM Waited Allocs
    • Running Network Receive Fibers
  2. Optionally, change the date range displayed in the graph using the date range controls.