Controlling the performance graph display

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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When displaying performance and capacity data, you can specify the date range to be displayed by the graph, either selecting one of the built-in ranges, or you can specify the date range for the display (a custom display range). To specify one of the standard display ranges, click one of the links in the display control above the upper right corner of the graph:

The standard display ranges include the following:
  • 10m displays the last 10 minute’s worth of collected data.
  • 1h displays the last hour’s worth of collected data.
  • 1d displays the last day’s (the last 24 hours, not the last calendar day) worth of collected data.
  • 1w displays the last week’s worth of collected data.
  • 1m displays the last month’s worth of collected data.
  • 3m displays the last three months’s worth of collected data.
  • 1y displays the last year’s worth of collected data.
Note: Because data older than 24 hours is periodically aggregated into hourly averages, date ranges that are longer than 24 hours will display aggregated data for periods more than 24 hours in the past.

You can specify a custom date range for the display of the performance graph by clicking Custom.