Configuring an SMTP relay for the SMU

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Important: Configuring SMTP relay is only possible when the SMU is operating in Gateway Mode (private network), that is additional network interfaces are connected (eth1).

This feature is not supported if the SMU is operating on cutomer network using only public interface (eth0).

An external SMU can be configured to forward emails to the public network from the servers and auxiliary devices on the private management network, using a SMTP relay, as illustrated here:

SMTP Relay Configuration Diagram

  1. Navigate to Home > SMU Administration > SMTP Configuration.
    Note: If you are accessing this page through the SMU Setup Wizard, there are three buttons at the bottom of the page, back, next, and cancel, to take you through the SMU setup.
    Field/Item Description
    SMTP Server Enter the SMTP Server on the public network. The SMU will then relay emails from the servers and other devices on the private network to the public network. An SMTP server can be specified by IPv4 or IPv6 address, or by a host name. If an IPv6 address is specified, the SMU will only be able to use the server for email forwarding if the SMU is configured with an IPv6 address. Additionally, if the SMTP server is given by host name, and that host name resolves only to an IPv6 address, mail forwarding will be possible only if an IPv6 DNS server is provided.
    apply Saves configuration changes.
  2. In the SMTP Server field, enter the name of the SMTP server the SMU should use to send emails and through which the SMU will relay email from other devices on the private management network.
  3. Click apply to save the SMTP server configuration.
  4. Verify that the SMTP server IP address specified on the Email Alert Configuration page is set to the eth1 IP address of the SMU.
    View the server’s email configuration via the Email Alerts Setup link found on the Status & Monitoring page.