Changing the IP address of a managed server

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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If the IP address of a managed HNAS server has been changed without using the SMU interface (for example, if the server’s IP address was changed using the CLI or the console), you can update the IP address used by the SMU to communicate with the managed server.
Note: Updating the IP Address of a managed server does not actually change the IP address of the server, rather it tells the SMU the new IP address of the server. Updating the managed server’s IP address does not interrupt management or delete completed replications or data migrations.
  1. Navigate to Home > SMU Administration > Managed Servers.

    SMU Administration Managed Servers

    Field/Item Description
    IP IP address of the server. This should be the Administration Services IP address, as used on the private management network (for example, 192.0.2.x).
    Server Username User name of the NAS server.
    Model Displays the NAS server model number. For a cluster with different server models, this field displays “mixed”, and the specific server models can be displayed in the Cluster Configuration page.
    Cluster Type Cluster type (for example, Node or Clustered).
    Status The color indicates the current status of the server:
    • Green indicates that the server is operating normally (not showing an alert condition).
    • Amber indicates a warning (operating normally, however, action should be taken to maintain normal operation).
    • Red indicates a critical condition (the server is no longer functioning properly).
    details Opens Modify Managed Server page, which contains detailed information about contacting or managing the server.
    Set as Current Makes the currently selected server or cluster the currently managed server/cluster.
    add Adds a server or cluster that will then be managed by this SMU.
    remove Removes one or more selected servers or clusters. When a server or cluster is removed:
    • Replication policies and schedules are deleted.
    • Data migration policies and schedules are deleted.
    • The system monitor for that server is deleted.
    • Racks managed by that server are deleted.
    Server Upgrade Utility Opens the Server Upgrade Utility.
    Server Setup Wizard Opens the Server Setup Wizard.
    Server Users Opens the Server Users page, which displays the configured "Supervisor" levels for the NAS server. Enables you to view the user details as well as add and delete users.
  2. Click details for the server with the IP address you want to change.

    The Modify Managed Server page is displayed.

    Field/Item Description
    Server IP Address IP address of the server. This should be the Administration Services IP address, as used on the eth1 port on the private management network. For example, 192.0.2.x.
    Server Username Username of the NAS server.
    Server Password Password associated with the Server Username.
    OK Saves configuration changes, and closes the page.
    cancel Closes the page without saving configuration changes.

  3. Change the IP address as necessary.
  4. Click OK.
    The new IP address is saved, and you are returned to the Managed Servers page.