Using the Server Setup Wizard

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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This wizard creates a basic server configuration, using user-defined values. At the end of the Server Setup Wizard, a confirmation dialog appears, allowing review of settings.

Note: An IP address must be assigned to the server before the Server Setup Wizard can be used. In addition, the server must be added to the SMU as a managed server.
  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > Server Setup Wizard.
    The pages of the wizard allow you to enter:
    • Server identification, including server description, contact information, and location information.
    • IP addresses for the Administrative EVS, Cluster Node 1, and any file serving EVSs on the managed server.
    • Name services information, including DNS, WINS, NIS, and name services settings.
    • Date and time configuration settings, including time zone and an NTP server.
    • CIFS server settings, such as whether the server should use an NT4 or an ADS (Active Directory Service) configuration.
    • Email profile information, including SMTP servers, enabling or disabling the built-in support email profile, and email profiles for alerts and system messages.
    • Password settings for the Supervisor, Manager, and Root user accounts.

    Optionally, you can also create a test file system, CIFS share, and an NFS export.

    After you have gone through all the pages of the wizard, the final Server Setup Wizard page displays all the settings that were applied.

  2. If necessary, you can run the wizard again to make any changes that are required.