Adding a license key

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Adding a license key can enable services or increase the capabilities of your system. To add a license key:
  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > License Keys.
  2. Click add.

    The following table describes the fields on this page:

    Field/Item Description
    Add a File License Key
    File License Key Enables the user to manually enter the license key.
    Import File License Keys From a File
    File License Key File Name Enables the user to import a license key from a file.
    Import Block License Keys From a File (NAS module only)
    Block License Key File Name Enables the user to import a software application license key from a file.
    cancel Closes the page without saving configuration changes.
    Note: After adding a license key, if a reboot is required in order to start a service/protocol or enable a feature, you are instructed to reboot or restart the system.
    For a file license, you can either enter the key manually or import it from a file. For a block license, you can only import the key from a file:
    • To enter the key manually, type it in the field, then click add.
    • To import the key, click Choose File / Browse, navigate to the file, select the key file, then click Import.

    After all the keys have been entered or imported, they will be displayed on the License Keys page. Follow the instructions to reboot the system (if necessary).