Managing license keys

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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License keys add powerful services to the storage server, and they can be purchased and added whenever needed. A License Certificate identifies all of the purchased services and should be kept in a safe place. The License Certificate is included in the User Documentation Wallet that was shipped with the system.

System Administrators manage keys for licensed services from the License Keys page, which displays the status (and features enabled by) each key and provides controls for adding and deleting keys.

  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > License Keys to display the License Keys page.

    Note: The list of licenses presented on your screen may differ from the page shown.
    Field/Item Description
    File License Keys
    MAC ID The MAC ID of the server/cluster. This is used for requesting file licenses.
    License Key The alphanumeric string that is the license key.
    Cluster Only displayed for a cluster, this is the maximum number of nodes licensed. This indicates the maximum number of servers that can be configured as nodes of a cluster. Note that cluster licenses are handled somewhat differently than other licenses
    EVS The maximum number of EVSs allowed on the server/cluster. The options are 0 to 64 inclusive.
    Storage Capacity The maximum amount of storage allowed for the server/cluster. Note that the amount of licensed storage must be equal to or greater than the total amount of storage in all subsystems connected to the storage server or cluster.
    Universal NAS Virtual Capacity The maximum amount of Universal NAS Virtual Capacity storage allowed for the server/cluster.
    Model Type Allows a NAS Platform 4060 to be upgraded to a NAS Platform 4080 or a NAS Platform 5200 to be upgraded to a NAS Platform 5300.
    Expires The expiration date for each key, if the key expires (expired license keys are shown in grey).
    Total Licensed on All Unexpired Keys Displays a list of all services enabled by all installed keys.
    details To display more details about a particular license key, click details.
    Check All Selects the check box next to each key.
    Clear All Clears the check box next to each key.
    add file license Displays the License Key Add page.
    delete Select the check box next to a key, then click delete to remove the key from the server/cluster.
    Use extreme care when deleting a license key. Removing the selected license could affect services running on the server.
    Show licensed services To see the services licensed by a particular key, select the check box next to the key and click Show licensed services. A check mark appears next to the relevant licensed services.
    Block License Keys
    S/N The serial number of the block chassis. This is used for requesting block licenses.
    Product Name The list of available software licenses for the Block-portion of the server.
    Status Displays the installation status of the software license.

    The options are:

    • Installed - The software license is installed and available for use.
    • Installed (Disabled) - The software license is installed but an error has occurred or a license for a prerequisite application has expired.
    • Not installed - The software license is not installed.
    • Not enough License - The software license is installed but the license capacity is insufficient.
    • Grace Period - The licensed capacity is insufficient because storage has been added. The license expires in 30 days.
    • Expired - The term has expired for the license key.
    Key Type The options are:
    • Permanent - Enables use of the software license indefinitely.
    • Term - Enables use of a software license for a specific number of days (see Term below).
    • Temporary - Enables use of a software license for trial purposes for 120 days (see Term below).
    • Emergency - Enables use of a software license for 30 days if it is not possible to access or purchase a more permanent license.
    Capacity Permitted The maximum storage volume capacity permitted for use with the software feature by the license.
    Capacity Used The storage volume capacity currently in use by the licensed feature.
    Term (Days)

    The number of days remaining before the expiration of the Term, Temporary or Emergency license key. After a Temporary key has expired, this field shows the number of days that remain before it is possible to install another Temporary key.

    For a Permanent key, the expiration term is unlimited and a hyphen (-) is displayed.

    add block license Opens the License Key Add page which enables you to install a Block software license.
  2. Review the current license key information.
  3. To add or delete license keys:
    • To add a license key, click add to go to the License Key Add page .
    • To delete a license key, select the check box next to the key to delete, then click delete. It is not possible to delete a block license.