Displaying storage server version information

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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When requesting technical support, it is important to have version information about storage server firmware and hardware. The following sections explain how to retrieve storage server firmware version information for clusters and stand-alone servers.

Navigate to Home > Server Settings > Version Information.
  • If your system is a cluster, the Version Information page is displayed, and it lists the nodes of the cluster along with information about the software version, hardware type, and model number.

    Field/Item Description
    Cluster Node Displays the name of the node in the cluster.
    Software Software release for the firmware currently running on the node.
    Hardware Hardware name of the node.
    Model Model number of the node hardware.
    details Displays the Version Details page for the cluster node.

    For more information on a node, click the details button to view the Version for Node page for that node.

  • If your system is a standalone server, the Version for Node page is displayed, and this page displays detailed model information of the hardware and version information for the software of the node, including information about the main boards in the server.

    Field/Item Description
    Server Version
    Model The model number of the node hardware.
    Software The software version currently running on the node.
    Hardware The hardware family and the product serial number.
    Module name and Serial Number (NAS module only) Displays information about the NAS module node name and its serial number.
    Detailed Module Versions (HNAS server only)
    MMBx Displays the main motherboard software version.
    MFBx Displays the main FPGA board serial number.
    MCP Displays the MCP serial number.

The storage server firmware can be upgraded to a newer release. For information on upgrading the NAS module firmware, contact customer support.