Configuring SSC access

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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SSC can be enabled, or disabled, and you can specify the hosts allowed to access the server using this protocol.
  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > SSC Access Configuration .

    SSC Access Configuration

    Field/Item Description
    Enable SSC Access Select the check box to allow access by the SSC protocol, or clear the check box to disable access using that protocol.
    Port Number Enter the port number that the storage server should monitor for communication through the protocol. The default is port 206. We recommend that you do not change this port number as SSC must be enabled on port 206 in order to perform package upgrades, run diagnostics, and use ADC.
    Note: The port number is not configurable on a NAS module.
    Maximum Number Of Connections Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the server. You can allow up to five simultaneous connections.
    Restrict Access To Allowed Hosts Select the check box to restrict protocol access to the hosts specified on this page. Clear the check box to enable the protocol to access any host.
    Allowed Hosts If protocol access is restricted to specified hosts, use these fields to specify the hosts to which the protocol has access.
    Note: If protocol access is restricted to specified to hosts, make sure the SMU is an allowed host.
    • Allowed Hosts (field). In the Allowed Hosts field, enter the IP address of a host that the protocol is allowed to access, then click Add to insert that host into the list of allowed hosts.
      Note: If the system has been set up to work with a name server, you can identify allowed hosts by IP address or hostname.

      Wildcard Usage: You can specify an IP address using the * character, such as: 10.168.*.* or 172.*.*.*.

    • Allowed Hosts (list). This list displays the IP address or host name of each of the hosts that the protocol is allowed to access.

      To delete a host, select its IP address or host name from the list and click Delete.

    Add Inserts that host into the Allowed Hosts list.
    Delete Deletes the selected host from the Allowed Hosts list.
    apply Saves configuration changes.
  2. Specify the SSCconfiguration settings.
  3. Click apply to save configuration changes.