Configuring SNMP access

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can enable or disable SNMP access, specify the versions of SNMP for the server to use, and specify the hosts allowed to access the server using this protocol. For NAS modules of VSP Gx00 and Fx00 models and VSP N series models, the SNMP access configured with NAS Manager propagates to the block configuration. If the SNMP access settings are different for block and file, the SNMP access should be set with the maintenance utility rather than NAS Manager.
  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > SNMP Access Configuration.

    Field/Item Description
    SNMP Protocol Support

    Using the radio buttons at the top of the page, select the version of the SNMP protocol with which hosts must comply when sending requests to the agent, or alternatively, disable the SNMP agent.

    Accept SNMP Packets On Port

    Enter the port number that the server monitors for communication through the SNMP protocol. The default port number is 161.

    Restrict Access To Allowed Hosts

    Select this check box to restrict protocol access to the hosts specified on this page. Clear the check box to enable the protocol to access any host.

    Allowed Hosts

    To permit requests from authorized hosts only, type the IP address of a host in this field, then click Add to include it in the list. If the system has been set up to work with a name server, you can type the name of the SNMP manager host rather than its address.

    Note: If access is restricted to specified hosts, add the SMU as an allowed host.

    To remove a host from the list, select the host you want to remove, then click Delete.

    Allowed Communities

    Type the name of a community (a password) that will provide authentication into the MIB, and then click Add to include it in the list. Community names are case-sensitive.

    Note: You should define at least one community entry.

    To remove a community from the list, select the host you want to remove, then click Delete.

    apply Saves configuration changes.
    Download SNMP MIB modules Click to download the MIB modules in a compressed format onto the local machine.
  2. Specify the SNMP configuration settings.
  3. Click apply to save configuration changes.