Configuring the first cluster node

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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If any of the nodes that you are going to use to form the cluster contain a multi-node cluster license, that node is the one that should be configured as the first cluster node.
Note: The maximum number of nodes available in the VSP Gx00 with NAS modules and VSP N series is two. The NAS module hardware contains two nodes that are automatically clustered, and no license is required for their use. Quorum device management is also automatic.
  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > Cluster Wizard to display the Cluster Wizard page.
  2. Enter a new cluster name, associated cluster node IP address, cluster subnet mask, and select a quorum device.
    Note: Whether creating a new cluster or joining a cluster node, a cluster node IP address must be defined. This IP address maintains heartbeat communication among cluster nodes and between the cluster nodes and the quorum device (QD), which is typically the NAS Manager. Due to the importance of the heartbeat communication, the cluster node IP address should be assigned to the eth1 management port connected to the private management network, keeping the heartbeats isolated from normal network congestion.
  3. Click OK to save the configuration.
    The server reboots automatically. On restart, the node joins the cluster.