Configuring the cluster

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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  1. Navigate to Home > Server Settings > Cluster Configuration to display the Cluster Configuration page.

  2. As needed, modify the quorum device assignment:
    • Click add to assign a QD to the cluster, if a QD is not specified.
    • Click remove to remove the specified QD.

      If a QD is removed from the cluster, the service will be released back to NAS Manager’s pool of available QDs.

  3. As needed, modify the cluster node assignement:
    Note: Services hosted by the cluster node must be migrated to a different cluster node before a node can be removed.
    • To remove a cluster node, click its details button to display the corresponding Cluster Node page. Click Remove From Cluster, and OK (or cancel to decline) in the confirmation dialog.

      Upon node removal, any hosted EVSs will automatically be migrated to another cluster node, with details provided in the confirmation dialog.

    • To add a node to the cluster, navigate to Home > Server Settings > Cluster Configuration, and select Cluster Join Wizard to display the Cluster Wizard.