Using clusters

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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NAS Platform can form clusters under the following conditions:

  • The cluster to which a node is being added must have a license for at least the currently existing number of nodes.
  • All nodes in the cluster must have the same hardware configuration. You cannot form a cluster from a variety of hardware models.
  • The node joining the cluster must be of a compatible software level (within one minor revision level). For example, a server running version 11.0 software can be added to a cluster running version 11.1 software, but not to a cluster running version 11.2 software.

After the first server has been set to cluster mode, you can:

  • Add nodes by "joining" servers to the cluster.
  • Add EVSs to the cluster and distribute them among the cluster nodes.
    Note: To maximize cluster performance, distribute EVSs across nodes to level the network client load among them.