Retrieving cluster annotations using HTTP/HTTPS

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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An annotation can be retrieved by issuing an HTTP/HTTPS GET request from a third-party application.

The format of the URL to use for annotation requests is:

http://<management IP address>:8080/annotations/<name>


https:// <management IP address>:8443/annotations/<name>

where <management IP address> is the name or IP address used to manage the NAS cluster.

where <name> is the annotation name.

For example:

http://<management IP address>:8080/annotations/Department

https://<management IP address>:8443/annotations/location/building

If the annotation name includes a space, the space character can be encoded in the URL as %20.

For example:

http://<management IP address>:8080/annotations/contact%20details

HTTP/HTTPS Responses

If the annotation had been previously set on the cluster and can be retrieved successfully, the response content is a plain text response containing the comment only.

If the requested annotation has not been set on the cluster, the response is empty with a 404 return code.

Note: The NAS server currently ignores the MIME media type (rfc2046) from the HTTP request's Accept header (rfc7231#section-5.3.2) but this may change in the future.
Note: Cluster annotations are not expected to change rapidly and management HTTP(S) requests do not benefit from the same hardware acceleration as HNAS file access operations. When building solutions with this feature, take care not to generate high rates of requests to the management HTTP(S) server. For guidance, it is expected that a normal request rate is approximately one per second or less, and more than 64 requests per second is considered to be too high.