Cluster Annotations

Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Cluster Annotations are cluster-wide attributes stored on the NAS server.

Administrators can update these attributes using the command-line interface and they do not otherwise impact the functionality of the cluster. Annotations can be retrieved from either the command-line or by issuing an HTTP/HTTPS request. This enables the attributes to be read by third-party software.

The annotation names and comments associated with them are arbitrary and can be selected by the user to reflect the solution they need to implement.


Name Comment
location/building London office
location/room Server Room 1
location/rack 4
Department Engineering
evs/1 UP
smb v2
contact details

Annotation rules

Annotation names and comments:

  • Each have a maximum length of 256 characters.
  • Can contain non-Ascii characters encoded using UTF-8.
  • Can contain spaces but if so, they need to be enclosed within quotes for the CLI commands.
  • Are case-sensitive.
Note: Annotation names may contain forward slash ('/') characters but the name may not start or end with a forward slash nor include double forward slashes ('//').