Server and Cluster Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Administrators can configure a single physical server as a standalone server, as a node in a cluster, or as part of a server farm.

  • A cluster allows multiple physical servers to operate together as a single entity, sharing storage under the centralized management of a single NAS Manager and using a common namespace.
  • A server farm allows multiple standalone servers and clusters that share a common pool of storage to be grouped together under the management of a single NAS Manager. Each server or cluster in the server farm operates independently of all other servers or clusters in the farm.

File services within the cluster or server farm are virtualized as virtual servers (EVSs), and any file service within the cluster or server farm can reside on, or be migrated to, any node within the cluster/server farm.

Note: When migrating an EVS, both the source and destination server/cluster must be running the same major firmware revision.
Note: System administrators can query the LDAP server for information about hosts configured into netgroups. You may discover whether a host is in a specific netgroup hierarchy or all of the netgroups to which a host belongs. The nis-is-host-in-netgroup and nis-netgroups-for-host commands are used to check whether a host is a member of a specified netgroup, or to determine the set of netgroups to which a host belongs.