Correcting access point problems in an object replication policy

Replication and Disaster Recovery Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Before a new object replication policy is created, it is evaluated for potential problems, such as the source not being configured to allow the transfer of access points (SMB shares or NFS exports). If an issue is discovered, a page appears, offering options to correct the issue or to go back to a previous page, where you can make changes to resolve the issue.

Typically, when this page appears, the following links are displayed:
  • Configure: Click configure to automatically configure the selected source file system and continue creating the policy.

    Clicking this link configures the selected file system to allow the access points on it to be transferred with an object replication. After clicking this link, you are returned to the previous page to continue the configuration.

  • Change: Click change to return to the previous page, in which you can select another file system as the source of the object replication.
  • Continue: Click continue to continue configuring the object replication policy using the selected file system, even though that file system is not configured to allow the access points to be transferred with an object replication. You must later explicitly set the shares and exports to be transferred with the object replication at a later time.

To manually override the default, you must manually reset the shares and exports from the File Services link on the replication process Home Page. Since there may be many individual settings for shares and exports on that page, it is recommended that you choose the Configure link on this page instead, which automatically configures the file system to allow shares and exports without further steps.