Configuring object-based replication

Replication and Disaster Recovery Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Replication (file or object) is a licensed feature, and the Replication license must be installed before replications can be performed. Refer to the Server and Cluster Administration Guide for more information about licenses.

After the replication license is installed, and the listening port is specified, you can create file systems to serve as replication targets, and then create the policies and schedules to control the replication of the file systems.

  1. Navigate to Home > Data Protection > Object Replication Configuration to display the Object Replication Configuration page.
    Field/Item Description
    Object Replication Listening Port Specify the port on which a cluster is to listen for object replication connections from other servers/clusters. The default value is 59550.
    Note: When you change the port, the object replication service is restarted. Under some circumstances the service cannot be restarted at a specific time. For example, when the port is in use because it has been randomly allocated to another service, or when the service is handling an active object replication process. If the service cannot be restarted at that time, manually restart file serving on that node after changing the port.
    apply Applies the configuration changes.
    restore default Restores the default configuration values.
  2. Enter the listening port.
    If you need to restore the default port, click restore default.
  3. Click apply.
    After the configuration has been successfully saved, a confirmation message is displayed on the Object Replication Configuration page.