Replication process for planned promotions

Replication and Disaster Recovery Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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In general, the process followed for planned promotions is:
  1. On the primary file system, create a replication policy to synchronize the primary and target file systems.
  2. Create and enable a replication schedule to perform the replication.
  3. Synchronize the source and target file systems.
  4. Syslock the primary (source) file system and perform the final replication.
  5. Swap roles, which promotes the target file system to become the primary file system.
  6. Verify that all access points have been created.
  7. Redirect network clients to the new primary file system.
  8. Verify that clients can access the newly promoted primary file system.
  9. Demote the original source file system to become a replication target.
  10. If the replication policy schedule was disabled, reactivate it.
  11. Verify that the replication runs successfully.
  12. Allow user access to the new primary file system.