IPv6 and the NAS server

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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On the NAS server, wherever an IP address is specified, it is possible to add IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. If the NAS server is configured with IPv6 addresses, clients can connect to it using IPv6. However, to connect to it from both IPv4 and IPv6 clients, it is necessary to configure both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Note: The NAS server does not support SLAAC on file-serving interfaces.

Using the NAS Manager with IPv6

It is possible to use the NAS Manager to configure IPv6 addresses for file-serving and non-file serving interfaces, routes and name services.

For example, the Administrator can set an IPv6 address for ag1 on the file-serving interfaces. The format is <address>/<prefix length> as shown below:

This page is also where an IPv6 address is configured for the Admin Services Node. This is necessary in order to launch the NAS Manager over IPv6. It is not possible to configure an IPv6 address on a cluster node.

Using CLI commands with IPv6

Each CLI command that accepts IPv4 addresses also accepts IPv6 addresses, for example, the evs command as shown below:

> evs create -i 2001:db8::/64 -p ag2 -n 1

Some commands, for example ping, have an IPv6 variant ping6, as shown below:

> ping6 -c10  2001:db8:220a:480:baac:6fff:fe80:5962
32 bytes from 2001:db8:220a:480:baac:6fff:fe80:5962 icmp_seq=0 time=6 ms
32 bytes from 2001:db8:220a:480:baac:6fff:fe80:5962 icmp_seq=1 time <1 ms
32 bytes from 2001:db8:220a:480:baac:6fff:fe80:5962 icmp_seq=2 time <1 ms