Routing by EVS

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Routing by EVS restricts the choice of source addresses available to the routing engine to those associated with the source EVS. Routing by EVS is always enabled in multi-tenancy mode. Routing by EVS can also be enabled when not in multi-tenancy mode.

Some subsystems already use the current EVS to influence routing decisions. With routing by EVS enabled, many subsystems, such as DNS, which normally would not use the EVS to influence routing decisions, now would use routing by EVS. If routing by EVS is to be enabled when not in multi-tenancy mode, it is necessary to use the routing-by-evs-enable command. See the CLI reference for routing-by-evs commands:
  • routing-by-evs-enable
  • routing-by-evs-disable
  • routing-by-evs-show