Aggregate Linux interfaces

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The NAS server provides the ability to access the file serving interfaces (agX) from Linux, using a virtual Linux network interface (eth-agX), which is bound to a specific agX interface as shown below:

Using an aggregate Linux interface (instead of eth0 or eth1) provides a potentially faster route for data and management traffic. It also enables the non-file serving interfaces (eth0 and eth1) and the file serving aggregations to be physically separate while providing Linux access to both sets of interfaces.


For the scenario below:

The Administrator can create eth-ag1 over ag1 as shown below:

aggregate-linux-interface-create --interface ag1

Now, any functionality that is available on eth0 and eth1, is also available on the file serving interfaces. This can include using SSH with the Admin EVS IP address.

For information on how to manage the eth-agX interfaces, see the following CLI commands:

  • aggregate-linux-interfaces
  • aggregate-linux-interface-show
  • aggregate-linux-interface-create
  • aggregate-linux-interface-delete