Registering a CIFS name

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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When an EVS goes online, the server registers one entry with the configured DNS servers (in both the forward and reverse lookup zones) for each configured ADS CIFS name and IP address associated with the EVS. Thus, the EVS records one entry in DDNS for every configured IP address. If a server has more than one configured ADS CIFS name, an entry for each IP address for each configured CIFS name is registered.

Each hostname registered with the DNS server has a Time To Live (TTL) property of 20 minutes, which is the amount of time other DNS servers and applications are allowed to cache it. The record's TTL dwindles with passing time and when the TTL finally reaches zero, the record is removed from the cache. After the 20-minute expiration point, the client must execute a fresh name lookup for more information.

The hostname is refreshed every 24 hours. This refresh commences after the first successful registration. For example, if the server registers its name at bootup, then every 24 hours after the bootup it refreshes its DNS entry. If the server cannot register or refresh its name, it goes into recovery mode with an attempt to register every 5 minutes. After it successfully registers, it resumes the 24 hours-per-refresh cycle.