Adding IP routes

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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To add an IP route, navigate to Network Configuration > IP Routes and click the add button.

The following table describes the fields on this page:

Field / Item Description
Route Type This field requires the type of route, which can be Host, Network, or Default (Gateway). Select the Host option to set an address for a specific computer on a different network than its usual router address. Select the Network option to set up a route to address all of the computers on a specific network.
Destination For a Network route, this field requires the IP address and Address Prefix Length of the destination. For a Host route, this field requires an IP address only. Invalid addresses are: Numbers > 255, broadcast addresses, and unreachable gateways.
Gateway This field requires the gateway IP address of the route.
MTU This field requires the Maximum Transmission Unit which is the largest size Ethernet frame that the server can send for this route. This is an optional field. This value must lie between 68 and 9600 inclusive for IPv4 routes and between 1280 and 9600 inclusive for IPv6 routes. If the MTU is not specified, the server applies a default of 1500.
Note: Fields which are not required for a route type are grayed out and cannot be configured.