Configuring LDAP servers

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Before using LDAP, it is necessary to enable LDAP for the server.

To use LDAP, navigate to Network Configuration > NIS/LDAP Configuration and click Enable LDAP.

Enabling NIS

The current LDAP configuration settings appear as shown in the following example:

Viewing LDAP settings

This page contains the following options:

  • Modify - this option enables the Administrator to change the LDAP configuration settings
  • Add - this option enables the Administrator to add a new LDAP server
  • Delete - this option enables the Administrator to remove an existing LDAP server
  • Switch to using NIS - this option enables NIS only mode and displays the NIS configuration settings
  • Disable NIS and LDAP - this option disables NIS and LDAP

CLI commands

The following commands are available:

  • nis-ldap-mode - this command selects whether the server uses NIS servers only or LDAP in order to satisfy NIS queries
  • nis-state - this command enables and disables the NIS client (the NIS client also must be enabled in order to use LDAP)
  • ldap-server - this command displays and configures the servers which are available for the LDAP client to contact
  • ldap-stats - this command displays statistics describing the response latency of LDAP servers for different NIS (RFC 2307) request types
  • ldap-security - this command displays and sets the LDAP parameters
  • ldap-schema - this command displays and sets the LDAP client settings for schema selection