Viewing IP addresses

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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To view the existing IP addresses, navigate to Network Configuration > IP Addresses.

Viewing existing IP addresses

The following table describes the fields on this page:
Field / Item Description
Unified Management IP Addresses (NAS module only) The IP addresses of both nodes in the NAS module. These addresses are read-only and cannot be modified in the NAS Manager. To change these addresses, use the maintenance utility.
IP Addresses This field contains the IP address for the Admin and File services or for server/cluster node management.
Label This field contains the name of the EVS (virtual server) that is assigned to the IP address.

This field contains the type of services or configuration of the server:

  • Admin - an IP address associated with the Administrative Services for the cluster. Administration Services IP address can be on the public data network or on the private management network.
  • File serving - an IP address associated with the File Services for the cluster. File Services IP addresses must be on the public data network.
  • Node - the IP address associated with the physical cluster node. As File and Administrative services can migrate between nodes, the Cluster Node IP address communicates with the node instead of a service.
Port This field contains the interface in use by the IP address:

  • agX identifies one of the file serving aggregation interfaces
  • eth-agX identifies one of the Aggregate Linux interfaces
  • agX-vlanXXXX identifies one of the VLAN interfaces
  • eth0 or eth1 identifies a 10/100/1000 interface for a Hitachi NAS Platform
  • mgmnt1 identifies the 10/100 management interface for a Hitachi High performance NAS Platform

Click this button to view the Modify IP Address page. This page enables the Administrator to change the interface IPv4 and/or IPv6 settings.