Advanced IP configuration using the CLI

Network Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The ipeng command permits the manipulation of low level IP parameters. Only use this command under instruction from your support provider.

To reset all parameters to their default values, use the following command:

ipeng -d

Some of the parameters can be set on a per-interface basis, the rest are global settings.

To create a specific configuration for an interface, use the following command:

ipeng -x create -g <interface>

An interface-specific configuration must be created before specific values can be set for that interface. The interface-specific configuration can be created prior to creating the interface.

To delete an interface-specific configuration, use the following command:

ipeng -x delete -g <interface>

The ipeng command has the following default settings:

Parameter Default value Command
Def wnd (bytes) 64240 ipeng -w 64240
Delayed acks On ipeng -y on
Slow start ca On ipeng -s off
SS restart double mss On ipeng -r on
Nagle Off ipeng -n off
Silly window avoid On ipeng -a on
Slow start on idle On ipeng -i on
Fast retx fast recovery On ipeng -f on
Intelliseg Off ipeng -l on
Loose Karn enable On ipeng -k on
Strict TIME_WAIT enable Off ipeng -T on
Quick R1 teardown Off ipeng -q off
Minimum RTO 300 ipeng -o 300
Maximum RTO 64000 ipeng -O 64000
SACK enable On ipeng -S on
PAWS enable On ipeng -P on
TCP Window Scaling enable On ipeng -W on
TCP Window Scale factor 2 ipeng -F 2
TCP Window Scale size 262143 For information only
TCP Rate Control On ipeng -R on
The following sections provide additional information on the most important ipeng settings.