Backup Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

Part Number
Possible value Notes
ignore, recreate_link, or remigrate Controls what happens when a replication operation encounters a cross volume link (a link to a file that has been migrated to an external server).
  • If set to ignore, the replication operation copies only the files on the primary (migrated files are not copied). Use this setting when files have been migrated because they are less useful, so they are not replicated in order to save time.
  • If set to recreate_link, the replication operation copies only the details of the cross volume link. The cross volume link is recreated on the destination if the relevant external migration data path is in place and the migrated file is accessible. Use this setting when the replication is between storage servers or clusters on the same site, and there is a single external migration target server.
    Note: Do not use the default test-before-create setting of the migration-create-links-mode CLI command if you use this option.
  • If set to remigrate, the replication operation copies the file contents but marks the file as having been externally migrated. The destination re-migrates to secondary storage if there is an existing data migration path. Use this setting when the replication is between a main site and a disaster recovery site, where the disaster recovery site includes a similar data migration configuration. This is the default.