Backup Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

Part Number
Possible value Notes

Comma-separated list of files or directories

Specifies files or directories to exclude from a backup. By default, none are excluded.

When specifying a file or directory, type either:

  • A full path name, relative to the top-level directory specified in the backup path. The path name must start with a forward slash (/). An asterisk (*) can be typed at the end as a wildcard character.
  • A terminal file or directory, which is simply the last element in the path. The name must not contain any forward slash (/) characters, but it may start or end with the wildcard character *.

For example:

ENVIRONMENT EXCLUDE “/dir1/tmp*,core,*.o”

This command excludes all files and directories that:

  • Start with the letters tmp in the directory /dir1
  • Are called core
  • End with the characters .o

The command is case-sensitive if backing up an NFS export but not if backing up a CIFS share.