LAN-free NDMP configuration

Backup Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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Figure. LAN-free NDMP configuration LAN-free backup

In the diagram, the storage management application sends backup instructions to the server, which makes a backup copy of data onto tapes in the tape library. The data travels through the Fibre Channel (FC) network, not the Ethernet network. Details of the backup data are sent to the storage management application, which initiates recovery of the data if necessary.

NDMP transfers data between disks and tapes attached to the same server. Data can also be transferred between two separate NDMP servers over an Ethernet connection (in NDMP this is known as a three-way backup or recovery):

Some common applications of NDMP include:

  • Backing up (or recovering) data on a server to (or from) a FC-attached NDMP tape library.
  • Backing up (or recovering) data on a server without a tape library to (from) a second storage server that has a tape library attached.
  • Using a utility, such as Accelerated Data Copy (ADC) or Data Replication to copy file systems between storage servers.

While the server supports backups done over network protocols such as NFS or SMB, only NDMP will preserve security settings in a mixed protocol environment, including virtual volume and quota information.

When using NDMP, the server uses snapshots to backup data consistently and without being affected by ongoing file activity. Snapshots also facilitate incremental backups. However, data can be backed up without using snapshots.