Enabling and disabling NDMP

Backup Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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The NDMP Configuration page allows you to specify NDMP configuration information for a cluster or for the currently managed server, including NDMP user name, password, version, and port. NDMP processing status can be started or stopped at any time.
  1. Navigate to Home > Data Protection > NDMP Configuration to display the NDMP Configuration page.

  2. Enter the storage server’s NDMP configuration settings.
    Field/Item Description
    NDMP Settings
    User Name The user name cannot be more than 20 characters long and cannot contain the following characters: \ / < > " '
    Password By default, the password is ʺndmpʺ. The password cannot be more than 20 characters long.
    Version By default, the storage server uses NDMP version 4 for NDMP backup and recovery; if required, it can be configured for version 2 or 3 of the NDMP protocol.
    Note: Both incremental data replication and ADC require NDMP version 3 or 4. Set NDMP to version 2 only if required by your backup software.
    Port The NDMP port number. By default, port 10000 is used.
    apply Apply the changes made to the NDMP Settings.
    NDMP Server Status
    Current Status: The options are:
    • start - Enable NDMP server.
    • stop - Disable NDMP server and terminate any NDMP operations in progress.
    Enable NDMP Server At Boot: The options are:
    • enable - Enable NDMP server at boot time.
    • disable - Disable NDMP server at boot time.
  3. Start or stop the NDMP process.
    Read this caution before following instructions to start and stop! Clicking stop terminates all NDMP processes immediately, leaving any tapes in use in an untidy state. It may also confuse the storage management application. To help avoid this, you can terminate NDMP transfers using the storage management application before clicking stop.
    • To stop NDMP processing, click stop. If any NDMP operations are in progress when you click stop, those operations will be aborted.
    • To start NDMP processing, click start.
  4. Enable or disable the NDMP process at Boot.
    • To automatically enable NDMP processing at Boot, click enable.
    • To automatically disable NDMP processing at Boot, click disable.