About NDMP user name, password, and version

Backup Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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A storage management application must successfully authenticate a configured NDMP user before starting a backup or recovery.
Note: Any user with NDMP user name and password knowledge can access an NDMP-enabled storage management application to access data on the system. Therefore, Hitachi Customer Support recommends taking measures to keep the information secure.
An administrator can specify two types of users:
  • NDMP Primary User. For an NDMP primary user, an account user name and password provide full access to the files on the system, supporting most backup, recovery and replication activities.
  • Restricted NDMP Users. The SSC command ndmp-ruser can create less trusted NDMP Restricted Users with access to a restricted set of files (and possibly devices). An administrator could assign these user names to various users to allow them to use the accelerated data copy (ADC) utility to copy data within limited areas of the file systems. The SSC command ndmp-ruser-pwd can also change the password for a selected restricted user.

    For more information about ndmp-ruser and ndmp-ruser-pwd, see the Command Line Reference.