Expanding space in a thinly provisioned HDP storage pool

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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You can easily add space to a storage pool that uses thin-provisioned HDP.

The pool formatting process is non-disruptive, so the file systems stay mounted during the process.

Note: For detailed information about specific commands and how they are used, see the CLI man pages or the Command Line Reference.
  1. Create the pool volumes.
  2. Use the span-confine command to confine the span.
  3. Add the pool volumes to the HDP pool.
    Adding the pool volumes automatically enables the Optimize check box on Hitachi Midrange storage systems.
  4. Wait for the pool to finish formatting.
  5. If required, use the span-release command to release the span on the HNAS system.
    The HNAS system auto-detects the new space and lets you use it in new or existing file systems.
  6. Check that the real disk space in the pool still does not exceed the total capacity of the pool's DP-Vols.