Creating storage pools with DP pools from HDP storage

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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After you have created an HDP pool with tiered or untiered storage, you can use DP-Vols to create storage pools.

See the CLI man pages for detailed information about commands.

  1. Use the command span-create or the NAS Manager equivalent to create the storage pool on the first HDP pool’s DP-Vols.
  2. Use the command span-expand to expand the storage pool on to the second HDP pool’s DP-Vols.
    Expanding the storage pool at the outset avoids the disadvantages of expanding it on a mature span. This is the only recommended exception to the rule of one pool per storage pool and one storage pool per pool.
  3. When necessary, add new pool volumes to whichever pool needs them. Use the following steps:
    1. Add parity groups or pool volumes.
    2. If the amount of storage in the affected pool exceeds the total size of its DP-Vols, add more DP-Vols and use span-expand.