Allowing access to a storage pool

Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for Hitachi NAS Platform

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This procedure allows server access to an existing storage pool, but can also be used when a storage system previously owned by a server is physically relocated to be used by another server. The process restores access to the SDs that belong to the storage pool, and then restores access to the pool itself.
Note: Before moving the storage pool from one NAS server or cluster to another, refer to the Command Line Reference for the span-assign-to-cluster command, or view the span-assign-to-cluster man page for information on migrating a storage pool safely.

To allow access to a storage pool:

  1. Navigate to Home > Storage Management > System Drives.
  2. Select one of the SDs belonging to the storage pool, and click Allow Access.
  3. Select a pool, and click details. In the Details page for that storage pool, click Allow Access; then, in the Confirmation page, click OK.
    Note: To become mountable, each file system in the storage pool must be associated with an EVS. To do this, navigate to the Details page for each file system in the storage pool and assign it to an EVS.